The race is on!

IMGP7201We start to race in 14 hours time. We start at 12 midday, and in-between then and now we will be getting the kit down to the start line, having a kit inspection, and doing final fiddling.

Today we have cooked food for three days and nights of paddling. It’s all in bags in the fridge, we’ve done the initial kit check and had the river briefing. The day before we did a 2nd and final training run, and food shopped.

Race tracker linky!

The race tracker is how you’ll be able to see our progress along the way, it gets updated from a GPS device we carry for our safety and your enjoyment.

We are team 24. Mixed tandem canoe.

We’ll be paddling as fast as we can. We’ll be satisfied to get as far a we can in the low waters, but hope to see the race out in Dawson.


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