Race planning 4: Feeding the team


To paddle the canoe for 3 days and nights we need a lot of fuel. People suggest eating real food as much as possible, but laying out three courses is a little hard in a canoe, so all through the training we’ve been trying different options.

We started off trying some foods that we thought we’d really like whilst paddling. Meatballs and pasta was good, paella was bad. Sausage rolls got the vote, so did Spanish omelette. Roasted Mediterranean veg sort of worked, but not with rice. gnocchi just didn’t work. We read up on some sporting fitness websites and found that chicken, avocado and cashew wraps made the grade.

Sarah’s done the race before and tells that on the final day you don’t want to eat. We thought cooking something fresh might be good. On a few trips we tried cooking dried tortellini and frankfurters, which went down very nicely but worried us that would also have called all the bears to the yard if we tried it in their territory.

We’ve also looked at keeping energy and warmth as we stop wanting to eat. We have instant porridge, and cafe latte protein drinks as fallbacks. We,of course, have a huge bag of cereal bars.

Looking at sweet stuff. My brownies just didn’t work, they were just boring, flat cake. But maple syrup flapjacks made everyone happy and they will be even better when I cook them right. Our back up is oatmeal cookies. I know the USA does them better than the UK, and I’m hoping Canada is the same.

Meal planning

using 1 meal bag every three hours – minimum 300 kcal per meal

Start to Carmacks

Meals before Carmacks: 8 meals (plus snacks: bananas + brownies)

  1. Avo wraps
  2. tortilla
  3. tortilla
  4. pasta meatballs
  5. pasta meatballs
  6. Steamed broccoli and mange tout + eggs
  7. sausage rolls

Backup food: Tortellini and frankfurters

Carmacks break

We meet support crew with supplies (in cool-bag with ice blocks)

burgers and drinks on site to buy

Carmacks to Kirkman’s Creek

Meals before Kirkman’s Creek: 6 meals (plus snacks: Flapjacks + apples)

  1. Roasted carrots and sweet pots and eggs
  2. Sausage rolls
  3. Tuna + roast med veg + pots
  4. Quiche
  5. Meatballs + pasta
  6. Baked goods

Kirkman’s Creek break

soup and sandwich provided for break

Bring food to do food prep + use small bakery on site

Kirkman’s Creek to Dawson

Meals before end: 5 meals (plus snacks: biscuits and snickers + sweets)

  1. fresh baked goods
  2. Tortellini and frankfurters
  3. Tortellini and frankfurters
  4. sandwiches (tinned pate)
  5. sandwiches (peanut butter)
  6. carrots washed and dried
  7. shakes / supplements

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